Industry leader in the European market of components for Recreational Vehicles and always attentive to the evolution of market trends with over 45 years of experience, we design and manufacture innovative solutions with the aim of improving safety and perception of comfort inside the vehicle. Our product range includes: belt frames, swivel plates for seats, TV / tablet brackets, ladders and roof racks, dinette systems that can be turned into a bed, all strictly Made in Italy.

Among the undisputed key features of CTA branded products: versatility, reliability and lightness. Among the first producers of belt frames, weighing just 12.5 kg, well 40 % less than the lighter ones available on the market, today we boast a wide range of belt frames, reaching up to 8.5 kg for specific types of vehicles. These results have been achieved thanks to continuous investments in R&D, in the selection of innovative materials with high resistance and increasingly reduced weight and their use in the design of high-performance solutions, simple installation and ease of use.

Quality, experience, know-how, combined with passion and specific knowledge of the camping sector allow us to be partners of the leading European OEMs, with whom we develop a substantial design synergy considering all construction needs and providing technical support at every stage of product development and launch. Last but not least, CTA is committed to a strategic path of quality, environment and safety. In order to increase its ability to regularly provide quality products and customized services, that meet customer requirements, the organization undertakes to adopt and improve the quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2015, as well as to start a path of environmental protection in compliance with ISO14001 standard.


"Your Comfort. Your Safety." is the aim of improving the perception of comfort inside the vehicle and at the same time ensuring the highest standards of safety and satisfaction of use of our products in the long term. The end user satisfaction is nothing but the result of the design synergy with the Original Equipment Manufacturer, to whom we provide all our know-how to implement innovative solutions and products that also highly consider project design, production and environmental impact needs.

The willingness and ability to change and to align with market trends and our customers’ needs allow us to meet industry requirements and be a partner of the most important OEM and aftermarket distribution groups in the industry.


The passion for the reference sector, the continuous research and the technological investments have allowed us to grow, bringing CTA in 45 years of activity from a family reality to a structured company. Lean-oriented manufacturing strategies allow us to increase production capacity and decrease lead time, guaranteeing production standards and industrial quality while maintaining a high level of production flexibility and product customization. 

This is CTA main goal: the idea of a centralized management 4.0, entirely customer-oriented, that can be a real added value that places CTA at the top of the manufacturing and that, taking hold of its consolidated experience, fully represents the true Made in Italy 4.0.


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